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mix fileRaphel01:51 05-12-2002
Re: mix fileOlaf van der Spek18:57 05-12-2002

> Hello,
> I'm developing a mod maker, I intend to add a lot of tools such as vxl, shp, aud aditors and allow to create mod for a lot of c&c games. But I had a poblem tring to read the mix files, I downloaded the file of Olaf van der Spek, but the only thing I could read is the number of files inside of it. The problem is with the encryption, when I call blow.decipher(buffer,&header,8), I get the correct nember for header.nfiles but header.bodysize gets a wrong number, too high, about 2GB, and I'm just reading redalert.mix.

You can't call it like that, header is only 6 bytes.

> note: my header sturct is the fallowing
> struct HEADER
> {
> int16 nfiles;
> int32 bodysize
> }header;

> I'm using the code given on the tutorial for decryption.
> If anybody knows to solve this problem, please contact me!

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