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Generals forumGraeme Thorp21:47 14-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp02:18 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp02:20 15-12-2002

> > i have and still are setting up a generals editing web site but i dont know php and i want to use php nuke now that is proving to be a mission the host supports php nuke but i will be damed if i could get it working.

> > i have installed a vb bred and i am currently setting up the forms this is seems to be i juts to get the hang of it.

> > ok so this site will be for my mod we generals is releaced as well as some other mods if ppl want and a lot of documentaion on generals the beta as well as what each file does and how to do things.

> > any one want to help? atm it is just me. but i will need help.

> > email me or speak to me on msn if you would like to help me.

> > thanks for your time

> tell me what u think of this
> it is spaceports and uses a banner?
> do think that is a beter i see your point with that pop up it gets irritating

ooh shit i take it back dont look i aint paying

Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek03:32 15-12-2002

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