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why did u set my nick on the blacklist?pepsicol06:55 15-12-2002
Re: why did u set my nick on the blacklist?Olaf van der Spek07:35 15-12-2002

> Hi Olaf,

> today i saw my nick on the black list. Why did you do that ?

You used a map revealer.

> Look at my stats : AUDARELOL ... they are totally clean. And I know that nobody can tell anything bad against me. Today i was accused to be a cheater. Was that a friend of yours? He said i didnt scout but my units were following the unit i targeted...

> There are not 2 many good non-reconning players left so why do you hunt me like a witch ???

> Ask some people about me what they think of my name:

> Loop3d
> zeckerage
> rene
> Danny
> aTimecop

> I am one of the good ones - i never reconned -

> Sincerely
> Gerhard pepsicol

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