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XCC White ListOlaf van der Spek21:09 17-12-2002

In a new attempt to deal with cheaters I've decided to create the XCC White List. Because cheaters can't be expected to cooperate the XCC Black List gets outdated very fast, so I decided to create the XWL. This list is supposed to become a list of fair players on Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. You can register with MF 1.03. Your CD key, name and password are encrypted with a public RSA key and uploaded to the XHP server. A bot is regularly run that downloads the encrypted requests, decrypts them, verifies the CD keys, names and passwords with the WS server and activates the accounts on the XHP server.

When a player on the XWL cheats, you report him with evidence (a replay and screenshots with his name on it) to XWL@XCC.TMFWeb.NL. If the evidence is verified his account will be deactivated. He won't be able to register new nicks on the XWL without obtaining a new CD key.

To register, log in with your desired nick in RA2 or YR. In MF, right-click on your nick, choose Lists and choose White List.

Re: XCC White ListJ.22:02 17-12-20022
    Re: XCC White ListFiX07:12 18-12-2002
would be a cool idea,Cozote23:11 17-12-200220
    Re: would be a cool idea,Olaf van der Spek23:29 17-12-2002
        Re: would be a cool idea,Cozote22:05 18-12-2002
            Re: would be a cool idea,Olaf van der Spek00:17 19-12-2002
                Re: would be a cool idea,Cozote18:12 19-12-2002
                    Re: would be a cool idea,Patrick (G0d666)10:40 20-12-2002
                Stretching=maphacking?Prokopis04:49 21-12-2002
                    Re: Stretching=maphacking?Olaf van der Spek05:56 21-12-2002
                        Re: Stretching=maphacking?Prokopis12:23 25-12-2002
                            Re: Stretching=maphacking?Olaf van der Spek20:59 25-12-2002
                                Re: Stretching=maphacking?Dave23:42 28-12-2002
                                    Re: Stretching=maphacking?Olaf van der Spek23:56 28-12-2002
                                        Re: Stretching=maphacking?Dave01:24 29-12-2002
                                            Re: Stretching=maphacking?Drugieuk04:25 30-12-2002
                                Re: Stretching=maphacking?Prokopis00:51 02-01-2003
                                    Re: Stretching=maphacking?JR00713:26 02-01-2003
                                        Re: Stretching=maphacking?Qu4rk66614:19 02-01-2003
                            Re: Stretching=maphacking?Patrick (G0d666)04:24 27-02-2003
                        Re: Stretching=maphacking?be4brazil02:24 24-02-2003
                    Re: Stretching=maphacking?Mooff22:04 21-12-2002
Re: XCC White Listjointzzzz00:52 19-12-2002
Slightly off topic...meselfs10:20 19-12-20022
    Re: Slightly off topic...Never Mind!10:38 19-12-2002
Re: XCC White ListAnRa2Sham11:49 22-12-2002
Re: XCC White ListAnRa2Sham11:49 22-12-20022
    Re: XCC White ListOlaf van der Spek21:18 22-12-2002
1.03 loopt vastWiN4FD03:51 30-12-20023
    Re: 1.03 loopt vastOlaf van der Spek03:19 01-01-2003
        Re: 1.03 loopt vastbe4brazil02:27 24-02-2003
Re: XCC White ListNillfist17:34 30-12-2002
Question!!!VM02:33 01-01-20032
    Re: Question!!!Olaf van der Spek03:19 01-01-2003
Re: XCC White ListFernoh18:27 06-01-2003
one alreadySomeone06:56 07-01-20032
    Re: one alreadyOlaf van der Spek17:46 07-01-2003
Re: XCC White ListPatrick (G0d666)04:20 27-02-20032
    Re: XCC White ListOlaf van der Spek20:28 27-02-2003

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