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Exploding games...Patrick (G0d666)05:30 20-12-2002
Re: Exploding games...Olaf van der Spek05:41 20-12-2002

> Help i used to play ra2 online quite abit but havent played for a few months, ive got a new pc and now running under windows 2000... Everytime i connect to a game my base explodes after about 30seconds... i think this happens if ur using an invalid cd key but ive been using my purchased copy with cd-key for about 2 years. WTF! Why is it screwing up al;l of a sudden? I am running v1.06 and using the latest MF any ideas why its fething up?

It's related to copy protection. Reinstall your game.

> Any help from anyone would be most appreciated.

Re: Exploding games...Patrick (G0d666)10:25 20-12-20022
    Re: Exploding games...Olaf van der Spek18:37 20-12-2002

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