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report a cheatsaf05:26 26-12-2002
Re: report a cheatmeselfs07:00 26-12-2002

You also need a copy of mpstats.txt from your RA2 directory, note that this file gets updated every time u play, so if youve played online again after youve fought him your mpstats.txt will useless for cheat reporting. Taking a screenshot of the action is wise, but you also need a screenshot of the screen you get after a match ends,where it shows who had how many kills /losses.

So.. you take all this stuff , plus a description of what happened, and u email it to Olaf van der Spek, and simple as that, alburg1 is on the black list.

Note: Westwood Studios no longer accepts cheat reports, so Olafs Black List is your only option.

See the post on this forum: 'YR/RA2 Support Petition.'

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