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Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Banshee13:38 28-12-2002

PPM is hosting a public research about a completely inovative way to make unlimited new completely customizable superweapons. There is a very high chance of the new method work and that would be a great revolution in future mods for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 (and their expansions as well)

Features Of Emulated Superweapons:

- Unlimited superweapons.
- No cursors problems.
- Completely customized superweapons (being released from the silo you wish, from the unit you wish or from sky using the weapon you wish).
- Doesn't take space from side bar.
- Doesn't affect other weapons or superweapons.
- Superweapon can be promoted if you wish (lol, it would be funny).
- Works with both Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2.

More info at PPM,

Please, help with these researches and the results will be shared with the whole community

Re: Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Banshee14:29 28-12-200210
    Re: Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Olaf van der Spek20:09 28-12-2002
        Re: Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Banshee01:23 29-12-2002
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            Re: Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Olaf van der Spek01:52 29-12-2002
                Re: Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Banshee01:58 29-12-2002
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                        Re: Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Banshee22:10 29-12-2002
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                                Re: Superweapon Emulation Researchs!Banshee20:52 31-12-2002

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