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BlacklistsAhhSheeit20:10 27-12-2002
Re: BlacklistsAhhSheeit09:56 28-12-2002
Re: BlacklistsOlaf van der Spek20:08 28-12-2002
Re: BlacklistsGotrek20:07 29-12-2002

> > So because of this, I am subject to your "Laundry Service" that takes all my points every few days? How about leaving that for those who are using cheats.

> How about just behaving polite on the internet?
> Cheating and using bad language are not unrelated.

Do you warn ppl before adding them to the blacklist? While I accept that bad language should not be used in games, it does seem a little harsh to treat a bad-mouther the same as a cheater, without at least letting them know that bad language will result in blacklisting. I think they should be given a second chance, and be blacklisted if they are reported again after the warning (only for bad-mouthers, not cheaters of course)

Re: BlacklistsOlaf van der Spek21:41 29-12-2002

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