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Match filterTorben09:42 30-12-2002
Re: Match filterOlaf van der Spek18:10 30-12-2002
Re: Match filterTorben07:08 31-12-2002

> > About the match filter. Two or tree times i have gotten player info when joining a game. Is this a fault or is there a setting i don't know about, cause most off the time i have to alt+tab to read the player stats in the matchfilter itself.

> It's a bug.

Well that bug would be nice to have in the game all the time. Saves a lot of alt+tab and more.

> > How can i save the settings in MF. When i start MF1.03 the points filter is set to wide but i allways use narrow.
> > In MF1.02 it always started with narrow. So i would like to start with narrow.

> Edit - Options

Ups - sorry about that one. :D

> > Best regards

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