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XCC Mod Creator Problem / Credits QuestionRenegade22:25 31-12-2002
Re: XCC Mod Creator Problem / Credits QuestionOlaf van der Spek23:55 31-12-2002

> Hi there, I've got one minor and one major problem; let's start with the minor one: Where do I add the credits.txt in the Mod Creator so that it shows up ingame? I've tried several categories, such as ini, mix etc. but nothing works?

Try video.

> And now the major (spooky) one: Is it possible, that the Creator actually "looks" what pictures show?

Yes. Disable SHP compression.

> I've had that feeling the past two days...there is this one SHP I want to add - and I've never had problems with this before; but this time, whenever I add it, Mod Creator will crash when I try to export. Well, I thought, perhaps the file is fucked up, so I re-compiled my SHP. Didn't work either. Even more, the original version works: See, I had the "original version", which was wrong aligned and can be exported; so I decided to make a better aligned version, which can now not be exported. And now the spooky part: I copy-pasted every single frame, saved it as a multi-level PSP-file, and then re-created every single frame, this time right aligned. Guess what. Even though this thing has NO WAY to find out that this is the same anim as before (since it is in fact totally new one), it still crashes when I add the new version!!

> WTF??

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