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XCC Game Spy 1.03Olaf van der Spek05:02 03-01-2003
Country Swing (EB4)Mooff06:48 05-01-2003
Re: Country Swing (EB4)Olaf van der Spek06:58 05-01-2003
Re: Country Swing (EB4)Mooff07:45 05-01-2003

> > With the new Player it isn't possible any more to replay the Country Swing Games.

> Just that map?

As far as i'm concerned yes.. lbl, south pazifik, heartland, hammer and sickle... are working

> > Nor games recordet with the old player, neither games recordet with the new one.

> Could you mail me one such game?


Re: Country Swing (EB4)Mooff20:11 05-01-20032
    Re: Country Swing (EB4)Olaf van der Spek21:42 05-01-2003

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