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XCC Game Spy 1.03Olaf van der Spek05:02 03-01-2003
Re: XCC Game Spy 1.03Mooff05:24 03-01-2003
Re: XCC Game Spy 1.03alex08:45 05-01-2003
Re: XCC Game Spy 1.03meselfs10:05 05-01-2003

You also need the following:

1. A screen capture of the end game screen (where it shows kills/losses/builds/score)

2. A copy of mpstats.txt from your RA2 directory, make sure you copy this file as soon as the cheated match is over, as it gets updated every time you match with someone.

Re: XCC Game Spy 1.03me again01:59 06-01-2003

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