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XGS woesSlavick08:48 31-01-2003
Re: XGS woesmeselfs13:45 31-01-2003
Re: XGS woesOlaf van der Spek19:31 31-01-2003

> > im new to Xcc game spy, the recording utility for red alert 2 and Im quite confused about certain things. 1st off, does this work only online, or can it work for skirmish games too? Also, I plaed a game online and ran the recorder-however I left the game, just to test it out, but there was no replay folder in my ra2 dir., and it didnt seem to record anything at all even though it did say "recordiing Malibu Cliffs 2-6". One final note: How do you stop the recording process if for example you decide to leave a game early. is there a hotkey for this or do you have to manually minimize the game and close the window?

> It only works online. It will save replays to c:/westwood/ra2/replays, unless you dont keep it in your RA2 directory. Im not sure if there's a way to stop it... it should remain acive once turned on until you quit RA2 entirely.

The location of the EXEs doesn't matter.

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