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Remember the good old days...Slavick02:53 30-01-2003
Re: Remember the good old days...Graeme Thorp04:42 30-01-2003
Re: Remember the good old days...Blade10:38 02-02-2003

> > Anyone of you veteran cnc players still remember battleground: TS? (formal link was That was a great site for finding nearly anything...wonder why they closed it down...a shame really!

> > oh well still got the memories.

> yip i remember that place . thats where i found about about xcc.

> do u rember Tiberian Sun Gold i cant rember the guy name's behind it. But i rember him having a voxel editor way before any of us. and then he dissapeared. Any 1 remeber ?

Dave I believe the name was and he was a prat. He claimed to have the official 3DSMax exporter plugin to export models but wouldn't sneak it out to anyone but himself. If this was indeed the case, or if he just got a hold of some test voxelised models would be the subject of some historical debating.

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