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XCC Mod Creator/Launcher ProblemAcid04:28 19-02-2003
Re: XCC Mod Creator/Launcher ProblemOlaf van der Spek19:56 19-02-2003

> I'm going to use the mod creator/launcher to compress my mod, but I have two questions. I have enabled the AI Generals in my mod, therefore the AI.tlb file needs to be included, yet i can't see any section in the mod creator where I should add this file, where abouts should it be placed?

Try the video category.

> Secondly I have tried adding a banner.jpg to customise the view of the mod launcher, its 24bits and has the dimensions 500x200, but its not working? Am I using the wrong dimensions? As the manual doesn't specify any correct dimension to use, only that it should be divisable by four, which it is.

Try .jpeg instead of .jpg.

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