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MF 1.04 & XCLOlaf van der Spek18:43 02-01-2003
cant connectAgamemnon Busmolis.16:27 21-02-2003
Re: cant connectOlaf van der Spek02:38 22-02-2003
Re: cant connectAgamemnon Busmolis.08:10 22-02-2003
Re: cant connectOlaf van der Spek19:09 22-02-2003

> > > when i try to log on to ra2 with MF i cant connect.
> > > it says its "fetching server list" forever.
> > > any help would be smashing.
> > > thanks.

> > Which version of MF are you running?

> i have this problem with any version but im using 1.04

Get 1.05.

> i have windows xp and i cant connect no matter how i set the filters options. even if i disable the filter i cant connect. running older versions in simple mode didnt help and logging onto usa euro or pacific server is not possable no matter what i do. the strange thing is that MF did work fine the first day i had it, now for no clear reason it just says "fetching server list" for as long as i let it fetch. i think MF is great and i got a lot of use out of it that one day it did work.

> OMG @ the # of blacklisted
> now i dont wanna play without it.

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