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SHP(TD) Problems....Siberian GRemlin12:04 23-02-2003
Re: SHP(TD) Problems....Olaf van der Spek19:11 23-02-2003
Re: SHP(TD) Problems....Siberian GRemlin16:39 24-02-2003
Re: SHP(TD) Problems....Olaf van der Spek17:30 24-02-2003

> > > If I create my icon or edit old, when i convert PCX -> SHP black color(PCX) converting in transparent(SHP) and in game bugs with this transparet color. How convert without transparent???

> > Don't use color 0 as black, use another black in the image editor.

> How about to crate function in next version of Mixer for disable transporent colors conversion???

That doesn't make sense. Just don't use color 0.

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