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Random map SCRAPPEDSlavick01:04 02-03-2003

Why is it that they scrapped the idea of making random maps, like ra2 and tiberian sun had? The option was great, and now that youve got the map editor in generals, I was looking foward to making randomized maps and editing them from there. Now you have to start from scratch when making a map which means more time involved for those who dont have much of it. Damn...I wonder if its possible for someone to make a random map generator for generals....

Re: Random map SCRAPPEDViPr19:11 02-03-200310
    Re: Random map SCRAPPEDKoen van de Sande06:12 03-03-2003
        Re: Random map SCRAPPEDViPr12:01 06-03-2003
            Re: Random map SCRAPPEDViPr12:21 12-03-2003
                Re: Random map SCRAPPEDdaniel13:51 14-07-2003
    Re: Random map SCRAPPEDSlavick10:59 03-03-2003
        Re: Random map SCRAPPEDViPr17:50 03-03-2003
            Re: Random map SCRAPPEDOlaf van der Spek19:15 03-03-2003
                Re: Random map SCRAPPEDViPr20:19 03-03-2003
                    Re: Random map SCRAPPEDSlavick03:49 04-03-2003

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