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XCC Mixer 1.25Olaf van der Spek19:05 06-03-2003
Re: XCC Mixer 1.25Banshee14:34 07-03-2003
Re: XCC Mixer 1.25Banshee14:46 07-03-2003

> > <a href="/utilities/">XCC Mixer 1.25</a> has been released. The English Generals Compiled String File will now be automatically extracted if necessary before the XCC String Table Editor is launched.

> -----------------------------------------------------------
> > The shift key can be used during startup to disable the scan of BIGs and MIXs on your HDD (in case XCC crashes during that operation).
> -----------------------------------------------------------

> - I see the light!!! :D Thanks, Olaf!

Erm... it doesnt crash in the startup, but any dir with .ini files crash the program.

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Re: XCC Mixer 1.25Alina11:50 09-03-20033
    Re: XCC Mixer 1.25Banshee22:55 09-03-2003
    Re: XCC Mixer 1.25Raptor22:02 11-03-2003

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