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XCC Mixer 1.25Olaf van der Spek19:05 06-03-2003
Re: XCC Mixer 1.25WeeRaby2k14:58 07-03-2003
Re: XCC Mixer 1.25Olaf van der Spek17:46 07-03-2003

> when i brows the textures.big it reads some of the DDS files but when i get about 30-40 textures down it starts 2 read them as W3D..??..?? i need this porbmel resolved so i can convert the DDS to PCX but i cant as its reading them as W3d.. when i extract the file its read as a dds but Xcc mixer reads it as a W3d??:mad:

Delete "global mix cache.dat" and start XCC Mixer again to rescan the BIGs.

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: XCC Mixer 1.25WeeRaby2k00:16 11-03-20033
    Re: XCC Mixer 1.25Olaf van der Spek14:08 11-03-2003
        Re: XCC Mixer 1.25WeeRaby2k17:13 12-03-2003

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