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yuri mp3 problemsYomassa00:49 09-03-2003

yo when i add MP3's to Yuri the game gets all screwed up. ALL text ingame is whacked. On all the buttons and newhere it diplays text. EVERYTHING says MISSING:, like MISSING:'GUI:textfucked'. when creating a game i can see the start numbers but cant read the teams. all the menu's paging battlefield text does this. i only added the WAV's to the folder is that wrong? i thought i may have somehow screwed with sumthin else. i reinstalled over yuri and same problem. even took the theme.ini and switched it with a normal 1 and nuthin fixed. RA2 wasnt doing this. I uninstalled both and reinstalled and after i rewrote the theme.ini and started it it still did it. i also erased evrything in the folder b4 reinstalling. at first i added the mp3's the RA2 and it had no problem. all updates are fully installed. very frusterated. when i just wrote the file it said 40 items added, its including yuris songs that are still in there. after i get this fixed how can i remove the yuri songs? pre-thanks and thanks for supporting the cause.

Re: yuri mp3 problemsOlaf van der Spek18:15 09-03-2003

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