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Cheaters again (apologies)Dellboy20:53 27-03-2003
Re: Cheaters again (apologies)Olaf van der Spek12:45 28-03-2003
Re: Cheaters again (apologies)Dellboy10:40 30-03-2003

> > Olaf,obviously they are still about but every time I attempt to report one using XCC Cheat Report I get a message: "Please enter an integer between 1 and 100000000".

> > 1.Confusion reigns - any assistance ?
> > 2.Are we still to e-mail this to your site or is there an alternative site ?

> WS doesn't process cheat reports anymore and I don't have time to process reports either.
> But you should sign up for XWL and use the XCL ladder.

I have thanks Olaf but who/which site do you now reprt cheaters to. Cheers

> > Many thanks (again)

Re: Cheaters again (apologies)Olaf van der Spek11:41 30-03-20032
    Re: Cheaters again (apologies)DonCarlo14:51 29-05-2003
Re: Cheaters againOwNagexlx14:13 29-05-2003

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