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ra2 cd-keyjointUSAz03:35 06-04-2003
Re: ra2 cd-keyOlaf van der Spek10:01 06-04-2003
Re: ra2 cd-keyjointUSAz14:22 06-04-2003

> > hi Oalf, i use many of your tools such as the matching filter, black list, and other things. well any way i have a question is there any way to get another cd-key because i lost my ra2 cd case plz help if you can.

> Yes, they're available from most stores.

> > grtz jointUSAz

how are they available at most stores so i have to go buy another 1 or just swipe it off a store one?


Re: ra2 cd-keyOlaf van der Spek15:58 06-04-2003

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