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plz help any1uwinme look i need help23:01 08-04-2003
Re: plz help any1Olaf van der Spek11:36 09-04-2003
Re: plz help any1uwinme look i need help11:56 09-04-2003
Re: plz help any1Olaf van der Spek12:07 09-04-2003

> > > i got disconnected by eodtech8 and lost 24 points on the xcc ladder. he cut the game off not recon errored it and i just left it thinking i would win as i was about to finish him. why has this happened 2 me and how do i get on the white list?? any1 help?? also on the westwood ladder i got a win but on the cheat ladder i got a loss. and i wanst the 1 who cheated whats going on? whats happened 2 fair play??

> > Did you need to post this twice?
> > It's not the cheat ladder.

> no sorry didnt mean 2, is there anything u can do 2 get my points bk ??

Not before the bug is fixed.

Olaf van der Spek

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