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Conversion problem????Sk8erkid03:25 18-04-2003
Re: Conversion problem????Olaf van der Spek07:26 18-04-2003

> :( ok, This has happened ALOT to me lately, i have a new SHP made, in this recent case a barracks, and i have it in the right palette, and the PCX frames are named corectly (nodbarracks 0000 - nodbarracks 0005) when i try to convert(SHP (TS)) i get this... "Copy nodbarracks 0005 failed, error 1024: Bad filename. All files should have a name like "image ####.pcx" where #### is the zer" and it doesnt finish, but i have ALL OF THAT DONE CORRECTLY! then ill try to convert to just 'SHP' and i get "Copy nodbarracks 0005 failed, error 258" can anyone help

> ps, if this has been asked many times before, sorry to sound like a n00b

You should only select the first PCX.

Olaf van der Spek

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