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Problem with XCC Mix Editorsmiffgig16:51 21-04-2003
Re: Problem with XCC Mix EditorOlaf van der Spek17:19 21-04-2003

> Yea there is a REALLY frustrating, annoying and time wasting error with XCC Mix Editor

> even when you compact a mix file it does not always work and comes up with the appropriate internal error ingame before a game loads

> even pressing compact does not always work and it says compact succeeded but it doesnt

> its wasting loads of my time as im going over and over again and again to try and get it working (it has worked eventually in the past right now its not working again)
> ive re-downloaded the program from here and everything

> please could someone help :( :(

Are you sure the error is due to XCC MIX Editor and not due to an error in the files you edited?

Olaf van der Spek

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