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Renaming of filesTomo15:52 27-04-2003
Re: Renaming of filesOlaf van der Spek16:01 27-04-2003

> Hi,
> for example: I am adding the pcx "seal 0233" "seal 0234" "seal0235" etc. to the virus. (which have already 600 pcxs). now when i want to mix the virus and the seal i have to rename all 300 pics from the seal that i want to import to the virus from "seal 0233" into "virus 601" the next into "virus 602" etc..

> It would be so much esier when XCC Mixer would have a renaming feature that renames all the files automatically by choosing the first pcx "seal 0233" clicking on rename and rename it to "virus 601" and all pics with the next number have the right name after doing this.

> Is this possible

No. But I think there are other mass-renamers out there.

> thanks
> Tomo

Olaf van der Spek

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