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XCL/WWL CompatabilityDellboy14:51 26-04-2003
Re: XCL/WWL CompatabilityOlaf van der Spek17:59 26-04-2003
Re: XCL/WWL CompatabilityDellboy21:16 27-04-2003
Re: XCL/WWL CompatabilityOlaf van der Spek22:25 27-04-2003

> > > Olaf,keep up the good work.
> > > One small query :is it possible/practical to include WWL stats on the "ready" screen when a player is "matching up" below the XCL stats on QM in RA2 ?

> > You can disable the XCL option in MF.

> I know that Olaf but then the game will not count for XCL stats/ladder.

Yes, it will.

> Is it practical/ethical to include both XCL and WWL stats in the ready screen ?

It's not practical.

> If u use only WWL stats i.e disable the XCL option then you would be vulnerable to WWL cheaters,without the backup of getting your points back if u are able to prove you have been cheated.

Why would you use WWL stats at all?

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: XCL/WWL CompatabilityDellboy23:17 27-04-2003

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