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listsstevehazy15:52 17-05-2003
Re: listsDiAbLo16:03 17-05-2003
Re: listsHeman77721:41 17-05-2003

> > I am new to this site been on here for just over a week and it seems to be a really good site but one thing i don't understand is the lists what do they all mean could someone please explain steve

> The Black List (BL) is the list of all proven cheaters and washers. The White List (WL) is the list of all the people who have volutarily said that they do not cheat. The Red List (RL) is the list where you put people who you do not want to be matched with. As for the Green List (GL), I don't think anyone really knows what it's for :confused:

As I understand it the Green List is for allowing Black Listed players, to join your game. So a BL player can join your game, if you put him on the GL.

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