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Mod map load crash bug and other map bugs?Yomasssa19:46 18-05-2003

What causes mod maps 2 crash when the joiner already has the map being hosted in his list? it transfers and then the joiners machine doesnt load. this has been goin on as far as i kno 4 about 6months. my mod maps from last year never did this and still dont. i use final alert 2 and TibEd & sum XCC stuff for various map tasks. my 1st gen mod system had numerous mods: custom units, weopens, speed crazy crates all kinds of changes; never had that map crash problem. later i added sum more units and stuff and made a bunch of maps with the mod.

i eventually started figuring out why people kept dropping out. since then ive made several maps with very light mods and as far as i knoow they all do it. maps with fast build-unlimied money never do this so i figured they work cuz maker modded with final alert toolscripts but those seem 2 b causing it also.
I have verified that it has nothing 2 do with the money/units slider bars being modified.
i tought it might b cuz my orignal maps i use have long filenames but i even dispelled that by testing with a shortname. i even see this happen with other maps but it seems like ive seen other crazy maps ave no problems. i have 30+ killer maps that all have this bug.

It almost seems like EA is behind this problem. maybe theyve got sunthin to do with the date of the map and its contents? Are there just a certain set of lines in the INI that the game dont like? ive had maps with real simple mods crash but HEAVY mods not, lately it seems they all do. amongst all the bugs curently in this game itd b nice to put an end 2 this 1. Does any1 know anything about this or am i juust stuck with a bunch of cool,crap maps?

Re: Mod map load crash bug and other map bugs?meselfs03:05 19-05-2003

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