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creating maps from BMP's. what r those trigers?Yomasssa20:12 18-05-2003

When i create maps from BMP's with final alert 2, it always adds triggers 99&98. even more interesting is that not all ive made like this do it. i delete these once from 1 map and the game crashed from internal fatal errors within 1minute everytime. in another map i deleted them and i played a full game with no crash. other maps dont have these why r the important here? can either of them b deleted at all?

Another related issue is the map going tthru pauses during load. normally some maps with heavy mods will sometimes do this, with the longest pause being the last main chunk of the load. on 1 map(with NOMODS) when itd pause i wouldnt c any1s stuff moving until mine would move then it pausefor longer than normal and then move again, then if the other guys PC wasnt fast enough itd time out during the last chunk of his load(that much time went by by now).

i have 1 map someone made(that doesnt appear to come from a bitmap and also has no triggers, only mod i noticed gives standard power plant more juice)that seems 2 do the same thing
the maps ive had do that were basically the ones i mentioned above. the 1 other map would have the abnormal pauses but not as bad and usually wouldnt time noone out. the map r pretty simple with no cliffs, the worst 1 was created from a BMP of a Radioactive Symbol. with that 1 there were a few little water blotches i found and fixed with no improvement. All mentioned maps are less than 300k & i dont think size is the issue. Is there still sumthing wrong with my water or sumthin i dont see or would it have something 2 do with the creation process and the funky triggers? Maybe there sumthin 2 do with the bitmaps files i used to make? should i just scrap those and try different bitmaps? thanx in advance

Re: creating maps from BMP's. what r those trigers?meselfs03:03 19-05-2003

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