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Removing Mods stuff from map ini's?Yomasssa20:20 18-05-2003

Whats the easiest way to remove TibEd mods from maps? sometimes i wish i could just delete certains units/sets of changes and other times id like 2 ERASE all of the crap. it seems u can disable new stuff but never really remove stuff(New units) with TibEd. i messed around with all the utilites i got but none seemd 2 do what i need. i really just like 2 c the actual INI of some of my maps but TibEd or nuthin ive tried will let me. With all the LoadLockBug'd maps that i doubt i can simply fix ill porbobly have 2 wipe out the mods entirely 2 save the landscapes and figure simpler ways to mod without crashing. thnx in advants

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