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Is this true?meselfs19:54 19-05-2003

From the Generals forums:

ok..... im going to tell u guys some **** that might be VERY interesting

Olaf Van der Spek ( creator of the offical Matching Filter for Red Alert 2 ) is willing to make such a programm for C&C Generals.

BUT, since EA doesnt really say what they Stand for, olaf has no idea if EA will be happy with him making that programm.

this programm will include tools like a Percentage (%) filter, wins/losses filter or simply a rank filter. probably a possibility to login and chat with ur buddy's from windows, add buddy's from windows or in games, right now u can ONLY add some1 in the lobby.

also the possibility to login like u always do, then when u go back 2 windows for MSN or something, still the possibility to reply to people who talk private to you in the Lobby.

these are all features from the Official Matching Filter, im convinced these features could fit in the Generals Matching filter too.

Olaf doesnt post here nor is Registred, so he asked me to do so, i aint kidding or joking this is a very serious matter.

also he is able to make kick-ass ranking lists, like he did for Red Alert 2.... hes also willing to make one like that for Generals, but the problem is that manuel game reporting doesnt work.... especially with 1vs1 games.

so Harvard or any EA employee, plz say here what u think about it, or e-mail me for any further Questions and/or comments.

Thanks in Advance,

Chris, Netherlands

email @

meselfs himself!

Re: Is this true?Olaf van der Spek07:26 20-05-20032
    Re: Is this true?meselfs16:42 20-05-2003

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