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XGS playerHeman77722:15 23-05-2003
Re: XGS playerOlaf van der Spek10:20 24-05-2003
Re: XGS playerHeman77713:03 24-05-2003

> > I cannot get the XGS player to work. When i try to load a .xif file the 'open file' box is empty.

> Try to drag- and drop the file into XGSP.

Tryed that. Cannot be done.

> > I downloaded the xif file from Metalgaming, an put it in \RA2\replays\game.

> It shouldn't be in a game subdir.

Changed that, but it still does not work.

> > By the way. Why is it only possible to record games played over Gamespy?

> It's not. You can record games on WOL too.

> > Thx

Re: XGS playerOlaf van der Spek14:02 24-05-2003

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