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I can't open it.Cooked_Auto10:35 25-05-2003
Re: I can't open it.Olaf van der Spek10:38 25-05-2003
Re: I can't open it.Cooked_Auto12:33 25-05-2003
Re: I can't open it.Olaf van der Spek13:23 25-05-2003

> > > In some odd way I can't open my expand55.mix file. The graphics are working but I can't add new ones. Everytime I try to open the file it fails. What has happned?

> > How does it fail?

> It just say Open Mix: Fail. Nothing more. It worked the day before.
> And XXC mixer won't extract it or open it either. And ecache55.mix works. No problem there.

Just delete it and create a new MIX. Then import the files again.

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: I can't open it.Cooked_Auto13:27 25-05-2003

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