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i was blacklisted?fabz10:40 29-05-2003
Re: i was blacklisted?fabz10:42 29-05-2003
Re: i was blacklisted?fabz10:50 29-05-2003

> > Ummmmmmmm why was i blacklisted?

> sorry my ra2 username which got blacklistes is >> crazyaus

i dont mean to be rude olaf and impatient, but can you plz tell me why i was #$%^ blacklisted?

Re: i was blacklisted?Olaf van der Spek10:10 30-05-20033
    Re: i was blacklisted?fabz17:08 30-05-2003
        Re: i was blacklisted?Olaf van der Spek19:44 30-05-2003

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