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Good news.meselfs20:53 30-05-2003

I may have found a server for XWISC, Olaf. Here's the email's the admin and I have sent to each other:


I'm curious, do you allow the running of a private server? And what Operating System? Is CGI allowed?

Thank you.


private server means , like web server with root access ?

that you can operate remotely ?

if yes what is purpose for warez or porn or mailing list

send more clear details , if ok , then i can offer you .

- thanks

Here's the full story:

It's not exactly for me. I'm helping someone find a free server.

There's a multiplayer game called Red Alert 2. It is dieing due to neglect from its owner, mostly from online to cheaters.

Someone, who has been programming anti-cheat software, has written his own cheat-free garunteed server. Any cheaters can be reported, proven, and eternally and mercilessly BANNED. It needs to be run continuosly. He can run it only a few hours a day on his own PC. SourceForge was his first choice but the bandwidth restricted.

I'm not sure what OS it is, but he can probably recompile for whatever OS you have.

Thank you.


thanks for your info.

available os : redhat linux 8.0 , apache 2.x or windows 2000

and i need what how much bandwidth it requires . & iwant to see running example of what u what u want to put on private server .

- if u show me the running example , i can estimate some details and i can final the deal .


I will cantact the programmer of the server, he will take care of the rest.

Expect a message from him. Until then, you can visit his site (if you wish) at

Thank you very much.

meselfs himself!

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