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i realy need helpSkittles04:49 31-05-2003
Re: i realy need helpDiAbLo08:54 31-05-2003

> Just a few weeks ago I downloaded a file called minira wich a smaller version of red alert wich only allows you to play in skirmish mode, unfortunately I downloaded this on my mums computer. I loved it so much that I wanted to move it to my comuter (the crapy aptiva s series.) I could get all of the files over to my computer except for a mix file called "REDALERT" wich the game needs, This mix file is almost 5 megs. I have managed compress it to 2.4 megs but not any further. So I was wondering if there is a program the can compress it to the point of putting it on to a floppy. If you want to E mail me this is my e mail address

> please help

> Thank you

You can simply use Winzip to put the file on any number of floppies.

Re: i realy need helpmeselfs18:28 31-05-2003

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