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Prizes on XCL from JuneDonCarlo10:58 02-06-2003

Thanks to the EA Community Team we now have prizes on XCL.

These are some of the original prizes that WW used to give out - some of u oldschoolers should remember those days

There will be 3 prizes per month.

1 for the winner of the Yr Ladder, 1 for the winner of the ra2 ladder,
and a prize that players of all abilities can win called the XCL prize.

The XCL prize will be awarded to the player that plays against the most XCL/MF users.
This prize is to give everyone a chance but will also discourage bailing and noob bashing.

I recommend ALL of u play with the latest MF for tourny and sign up for the Whitelist NOW - u have nothing to lose and u could win a prize.

More details of the actual prozes will be released soon.

GL HF everyone

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