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Converting TD Structures to TSFinalMoon17:29 11-06-2003

I did this a while back but for some reason now I can't!!! I have PSP7 and Image Robot, can someone please tell me how you do this?

If you just use XCC with "use for conversion" and "convert from TD", then I think the problem is I don't have TD installed, I'm converting from the demo mix. Is there a way I can trick XCC into thinking I have TD installed, so it will have it listed on the Found list and give me the option of displaying in TD Palletes?

The reason I can't just install it is cuz my CD Rom is broken... But I do own the CD, and I can get any files needed off of it on another computer and get them to this one via the network, I just can't really install it over the network like you normally would.

Re: Converting TD Structures to TSOlaf van der Spek01:07 12-06-20032
    Re: Converting TD Structures to TSFinalMoon16:28 12-06-2003

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