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5 game ruleandropin201:44 11-06-2003
Re: 5 game ruleDonCarlo14:00 11-06-2003
Re: 5 game ruleDonCarlo22:56 12-06-2003

> > I think ive made a bit of a muck up with the 5 game rule. I just read the exact ruleing and i think i misunderstood.A friend of mine and I have played a total of 13 games i beat him 8 times (woops) he beat me 5. Since reading the 5 game rule I realise thats a lil interpretation of this was i thought I was allowed 5 wins clear. i dont cheat at all this was an accident so please consider this cause i really dont want or think I deserve to be blacklisted. But i must apologize for bein such a dope
> Thanks for letting us know andropine - we will get back to u on this one as Olaf is working on a couple of things regarding this issue. But we wont blacklist you.

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