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Generals.csf using XCC MIxer and BigPOPmadfenix07:59 16-06-2003
Re: Generals.csf using XCC MIxer and BigPOPOlaf van der Spek10:24 16-06-2003

> Generals.csf using XCC MIxer and BigPOP

> Why when i edit the generals.csf with bigPOP or XCC Mixer the game always get technical dificult/error

> I only change:

> CONTROLBAR:TooltipFireEmergencyRepair (change the cooldown description to 2:00)

> and

> CONTROLBAR:TooltipChinaScienceCashHack (change lvl1: 2000, level2: 4000, level 3: 8000)

> after i change it i:
> save changes and then apply changes, extract it to my Data/English (for BigPOP)
> select my English.big, double click... select general.csf, after that i lauch the string table editor for general... after some change i copy that to Data/English (this for XCC Mixer)

> what i am doing wrong? the ood is when i just open the generals.csf and save it (without any changes) and then extract it to Data/English it get some result : Technical dificult...

I think they know more about this at

> I already change the other INI files for Emergency and Cash Hack... so actualy cash been stolen not match as the description ^^

> Bah....

Olaf van der Spek

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