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Hacking and cheatingexSamurai05:48 16-06-2003
Re: Hacking and cheatingOlaf van der Spek07:53 16-06-2003
Re: Hacking and cheatingt00much4u16:01 16-06-2003
Re: Hacking and cheatingOlaf van der Spek16:04 16-06-2003
Re: Hacking and cheatingMackro13:34 17-06-2003
Re: Hacking and cheatingOlaf van der Spek14:11 17-06-2003
Re: Hacking and cheatingiFeaRuNoT03:25 18-06-2003

> > > > > No. Where did you hear that?

> > > >
> > > > They have several bots on the server advertising this site and the MF steals yiur serial number

> > > RTS Games is not a reliable source of info.

> > Whatdo you mean its not arelaible source of info???

> It can't be trusted.

> > are you nicking passwords or not???

> No.

Well I must say... this topic sure has got my attention. But I've come to this conclusion.... Why would Olaf and the rest of the gang go through all this time and trouble to provide us "ALL' a cheat free, "or as close to it as possible", gameing experience, just to get serials ? The thought of it just makes me laugh.

I know I wouldn't do it... but never the less, thats again Olaf and all the others who have deticated there time and hard work to bring the XCC community to us all, GOD BLESS:D

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