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MF 1.07XCLm00m1n13:34 18-06-2003

Hi Olaf. Could you make it possible to download MF 1.07 from this site again? I have version 1.09 and it isn't working for me

I downloaded version '1.07', but it turned out to be 1.09.

Also, I deleted the hosts file but MF still dosen't work.

Re: MF 1.07Olaf van der Spek13:52 18-06-20034
    Re: MF 1.07t00much4u22:06 18-06-2003
        Re: MF 1.07Olaf van der Spek00:43 19-06-2003
            Re: MF 1.07XCLm00m1n16:16 19-06-2003

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