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3d Model?Gertjan odink11:02 19-06-2003
Re: 3d Model?meselfs20:52 19-06-2003

No, free 3D programs aren't up to it. There are some like Anim8or or Blender, but they're hard to use (especially blender) and not as good. If you must use freeware, I recomend Blender, but you'll need alot of patience to learn it...

I use Rhino for modeling and Cinem 4D for animating. Both are available as free trials:

Cinema 4D-

I did this unfinished conyard anim a while back with only Rhino, modeling took 2 hours, animating took FOREVER as I didn't have Cinema 4D at the time (would've taken 30 min with it):

Link needs to be copied/pasted.

meselfs himself!

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