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Xgs optionsiFeaRuNoT16:43 21-06-2003
Re: Xgs optionsOlaf van der Spek19:13 21-06-2003
Re: Xgs optionsiFeaRuNoT20:15 21-06-2003

> > When reviewing game, my "show/hide" terrain option does't work. Any reasons why?

> Did you read the readme?

Yes, and I have downloaded the mix file from the ra2 cd to the ra2 dir. All options work accept for hide/reveal terrian by pressing the 't' key. It's not real important to have but it's just buggin me that I can't get it to reveal.
I'll try to reintall XGS...maybe thats it.

> > I now start xgs in game which has fixed all problems but the previous.

Re: Xgs optionsOlaf van der Spek11:16 22-06-20032
    Re: Xgs optionsiFeaRuNoT02:18 24-06-2003

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