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cheatsstevahazy15:52 22-06-2003
Re: cheatsDonCarlo16:49 22-06-2003
Re: cheatsstevahazy22:47 22-06-2003
Re: cheatsDiAbLo22:48 22-06-2003

> > > How can i now report cheats now as i cannot play until i can claim my points back
> > ?
> > its stated very clearly in the announcement on that if you need to reclaim points while the forum is closed then mail your proof to

> > THis is for claiming points back only - not for regular reports.
> >I did send them don but it was sent back to me saying files were to large but i will try again

If you havn't already, make sure the SS is in .jpg format ;)

Re: cheatsDonCarlo23:37 22-06-2003

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