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nicknamesjason14:20 24-06-2003
Re: nicknamesDonCarlo15:04 24-06-2003
Re: nicknamesTdecaptn116:06 24-06-2003

> > why cant u register a new nickname on manage account on yuris revenge, i dont even want to do that i have just forgotten my password where i have not played for a while and because it wont let me get on this screen i am unable to play?? it just says yuris revenge cannot find ainternet connection. my broter can use his nickname online with no problem.

> dont botther with the in-game route just go here via internet explorer.
> but make sure you remember your password cos i dont think you actually recieve a confirmation mail from them any more.
it is still online and you get e-mail back whit login name and pass.
but you have somtimes try to login many times before you get in.
good luck :rolleyes

Re: nicknamesTdecaptn116:08 24-06-2003

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