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VQA Encoder posssibilitiesCatwithavengence17:03 27-06-2003

Is it possible to make a VQA Encoder? and if so could someone do it please? i can't program for comps so i don't know what it would take :D

Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiesBanshee.03:28 28-06-20038
    Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiesCatwithavengence20:04 28-06-2003
        Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiesBanshee.23:07 28-06-2003
            Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiesSeaManSR14:15 29-06-2003
                Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiesOlaf van der Spek18:22 11-07-2003
                    Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiessmiffgig02:07 17-07-2003
                        Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiesSeaManSR16:58 17-07-2003
                        Re: VQA Encoder posssibilitiesOlaf van der Spek17:45 17-07-2003

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