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Teleporting HarvesterLegend19:09 01-07-2003
Re: Teleporting HarvesterLegend00:06 03-07-2003
Re: Teleporting Harvestermeselfs23:25 03-07-2003

> > I have found a way to teleport my harvester by simply adding a K to the Locomotor it teleports, But thats about all that it does, So my question is how do I get the darn thing to harvest and teleport back to the Tiberium Refinery and then back to harvest again... etc :)

> Does anybody know anything about teleporting in TBS???
> Cause i can not figure it out...


I haven't modded dor a while, but if I remember all that is needed (with the exception of AI building and such) is that Harvester=yes be included in the harvester, make sure the Dock settings are good, and I think there is a harvester unit specification under [General], similar to PadAircraft.

Does the unti harvest without teleport?

meselfs himself!

Re: Teleporting HarvesterOlaf van der Spek18:11 11-07-20032
    Re: Teleporting HarvesterSeaManSR17:00 17-07-2003

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